How Online Hypnotherapy Works

Modern technology and video conferencing solutions like Zoom offer a world of opportunity to coaches, therapists and their clients. I now see nearly all of my clients online and I find it is even more effective than in person hypnotherapy sessions, clients can feel more relaxed in an environment they are familiar with and more easily fit the therapy sessions in around their day. 

Why Should You Have A Therapy Session Why Not Just Listen to A Recording?
                   Online Hypnotherapy

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What is coronavirus? Wuhan coronavirus- causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

You’ve likely heard about the coronavirus from Wuhan or 2019-NCOV which is the cause of an outbreak that seems to have begun at a marketplace with live animals in Wuhan on Twelve December 2019 and has since spread around the world and thousands of peoples affected cause of this virus.

What is the source of the Wuhan coronavirus
What is Wuhan coronavirus

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How to Improve the Way You Eat as a Family

Healthy eating is hard when you’re feeding a family or trying to convince younger kids, especially, to eat their fruits, veggies and other healthy alternatives. Start by implementing healthy options slowly to avoid overwhelming the family. By introducing these new healthy options slowly it doesn’t feel like a drastic change in the family and will hopefully create less push back.

Benefits of Eating Healthy
Healthy Family eating

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How physiotherapy helps stroke patients

A stroke is responsible for being the second largest killer of the global population with an estimate of affecting up to 1.8 million people in India itself. It has gained acclaim as being the most common cause of chronic disability in adult individuals. The cause of a stroke is by a blockage or the bursting of a blood vessel. It creates an interruption in the circulation of blood throughout the body.

Common causes of a stroke
physiotherapy for brain stroke

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