Lowell Herb Co creates first truly high-end marijuana brand

Within just a few months of recreational marijuana use becoming fully legalized within the state of California, entrepreneurs David Elias and Sean Black set out to create a world-class, organic marijuana brand. Familiar with the early history of California’s outlawing of the ancient medicinal herb, they revived an operation that had been shuttered in 1913 by the Poison Act, one of the first anti-drug laws in the country. The Poison Act was passed specifically to stop a San Luis Obispo farmer from growing marijuana. That farmer’s name was William Lowell. And the farm he started in 1909 is now the site of the current grow operations of the Lowell Herb Company.

Lowell Herb Co. is a was off to an auspicious start. But Elias and Black were not content with just creating a company with deep historical and spiritual roots that would grow high-THC custom-designed marijuana strains.


From the start, the Lowell Herb has been socially conscious. Moreover, the company has been conscious of how it is both branded and marketed, taking heavy cues from the state’s world-renowned wineries and other boutique food, whiskey and chocolate firms.


Lowell Smokes, the company’s line of pre-rolls, come in beautifully crafted packs of eight. Everything about Lowell Smokes products is imbued with artistry, from the recycled craft paper out of which its packaging is made to the vintage Saroglia printing equipment that gives the company’s products the genuine historic feel of something that might have been produced during William Lowell’s own life.


Nor is the firm contented to limit its role within the marijuana industry. The Lowell Herb Company is now in the late stages of opening what may turn out to be the poshest marijuana bar in the country. The West Hollywood site will give customers a wide menu of cannabis-based smoke products as well as drinks and food items. Due to California being a first-mover in the legalization of purely recreational pot, the ability of Lowell to have a fully operational marijuana consumption lounge by the start of 2020 may ultimately guarantee that this location becomes a nationwide destination for aficionados.


But the ultimate testament to the success of the Lowell Smokes brand has been the rapidly spreading affinity for it among a who’s-who list of California trendsetters. From actresses like Bella Thorne to music titans like Miley Cyrus and Usher, to name just a tiny subset of the brand’s explosively growing fan base, Lowell Smokes are quickly becoming the marijuana brand of choice throughout the highest places in the state.


The Lowell Herb Company was in the right place at the right time: the first state in the country to fully legalize Marijuana and a major center of thought leadership and a font of social progress. With a rapidly expanding operation and what may be the most well-established marijuana brand in America, Lowell Smokes may currently be the best-positioned marijuana operation in a country that is rapidly walking back its longstanding intolerance, state by state, towards this miraculous herb.

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