What Really Causes Double Chin?

Double Chin problem
Causes of Double Chin

Double chin is seen as a sign of being overweight or obese. For some, it points out a person’s unhealthy diet and lifestyle. But this submental fat underneath the chin can actually develop no matter the age and weight of a person. Here are factors that really cause a double chin to develop.


If your family has a history of developing double chins, whether fat or not, you’re most likely to grow one, too. This is simply because genes can influence where the fats get sent to and stored. If your genes cause you to have more fat cells under your chin, then there’s a higher chance that these fat cells are going to be filled in with fats you accumulate. Medical procedures are the solution to counteract your genes and get rid of that double chin.

Overeating or Obesity

This is one of the most common causes of double chins. Even if it isn’t in your genes, your excess fat will have no other place to go. Fats may find its way around your neck and develop double chin through filling up the fat cells underneath the chin. As the fats accumulate in the area and weigh down, it causes a wrinkle that looks like a second, lower chin.

Tech Neck

How to solve tech neck
neck problem with chin

A lot of people nowadays tend to be busy with their gadgets, which cause them to fold their chin as they look down on their phones or computer. While the chin area is folded, the skin can start to sag, making an appearance of a double chin. Too much of this position also causes muscle weakness in the area which is why the neck should also be strengthened and stretched once in a while. The best solution for this is to stay aware of your posture and do some exercises so the chin won’t become flabby.

Salivary Gland Inflammation

This medical condition causes swelling which appears like a double chin. The salivary gland makes up about a full-quart of saliva every single day which helps you digest food properly and help keep tooth decay away. Sometimes, the saliva glands have a hard time draining from the glands which then causes the inflammation. When this happens, the under-chin swells up which adds to the submental fullness.

Thyroid Problem

Some people may develop double chin because of their poor working thyroid glands. This is caused by an imbalanced hormone, which leads to this unpleasant problem. Hypothyroidism occurs when a person produces too little thyroid hormones. This medical condition is a common cause of puffiness underneath the chin. It is also a culprit for weight gain all over the body, including the neck area.


Lifestyle changes can help you reduce your overall body fat, but unfortunately,  it may not target fat loss in a specific area. However, there are effective and safe solutions that are non-surgical and only requires minimal downtime.


One is the Belkyra Kybella Treatment which is US FDA approved for the reduction of moderate to severe cases of submental fullness (double chin). This game-changing treatment works by destroying fat cells in the area. Click here to learn more about Belkyra.

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