Cancer Pain – Causes, Types and Treatment

Not every patient feels pain in cancer; even if you feel Pain in cancer, it is normal. However, if you have cancer that is spreading or recurring, your chances of having pain are greater.

Causes of Cancer Pain
How to treat cancer pain

Cancer pain can be of different types. It can be achy, dull, sharp, or burning sensation. It can also be constant, intermittent, moderate, or severe. The pain you feel depends on many factors. Including the type, the origin, stage of cancer, and also depends on your pain tolerance.

Remember that the cancer pain is curable; controlling the pain in cancer is the part of treatment.

Causes of Cancer Pain

Cancer pain has many causes, but it also occurs due to cancer itself. When cancer grows and harms tissues, it can cause pain in those areas.

It also releases the chemical that irritates the other body parts around the tumor. As the tumor grows, it put the pressure in the bones, nerves, and organs around it.


Type of Cancer

Each person has a different kind of body. The pain you feel in cancer depends on various factors; it depends on the type, stage of cancer, and also depends on your ability to pain tolerance.

  • Acute Pain
  • Chronic Pain
  • Breakthrough pain

It is imperative for your doctor to find out the cause and type of pain. Then it can be treated in the right way. As you know, different types of pain need different treatments.

Nerve Pain

Neuropathic pain is associated with nerves. It can be due to the pressure or injury to the nerves or the spinal cord.

Bone Pain

Sometimes cancer can spread into the bones and cause pain by damaging the bone tissues. If cancer is spreading, it can affect several areas of the body.

Soft tissues Pain

Pain in soft tissues is a pain in the soft body organs and muscles. You can’t pinpoint this pain, but it is described as aching, sharp and throbbing.

Phantom Pain

Phantom pain is associated with the removed body parts. Pain in the breast area, after the removal of the breast, is the example of phantom pain.


Consult Doctor

Your doctor can’t always ask about your condition; you have to say what’s hurt and ask for help your own. It is a good sign that you share your health condition with your doctor.

Before the appointment, you should keep the record of your pain so that you can describe everything and every feeling with doctor precisely. You can prepare your mind for the doctor’s questions.

Treatment of Pain

There are many ways to treat cancer pain. The doctor will choose the right treatment according to your health condition.

They may use surgery to remove the pain source. If the tumor is getting bigger, they will reduce its progression and treat it with chemotherapy, and radiation.  If this treatment is not possible according to your conditions, the doctor may recommend your medications to control the cancer pain.

Medicine that doctor prescribes is classified into three categories.

  • Over-the-counter – If the pain you feel is mild, then the doctor may recommend OTC
  • Opioid – If you feel cancer pain which is moderate to severe, the doctor may prescribe you codeine and dihydrocodeine.
    One can also buy dihydrocodeine online to treat cancer pain. You will not need the prescription of the doctor if your medication online.

You can take this medication orally, in the form of liquid or pills. If the patient is not able to take this medication in this way, he can take this through IV.

There is also some nonmedical treatment to treat cancer pain. However, you should stick to your doctor’s prescription.

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