Water Purifier – Its importance in the present situation

If we look at the current condition of the world, we can see how much our natural resources are in danger. Trees are cutting at a tremendous rate, wildlife is at risk, groundwater is depleting at a high standard, and our water bodies are contaminating day by day. Our water bodies are infected, which are causing numerous diseases. The water available for drinking today does not only create harmful conditions but if not treated properly, can lead to fatal diseases.

What are water purifiers?
Importance of Water Purifier

Safe drinking water has become a necessity these days. Not only for the present generation, but the future generation will also get affected severely due to contaminated drinking water. As a result, people are looking for solutions to have safe drinking water.

Is boiled water safe?

People from a long time believe that boiling water cleans the water and kills all the harmful bacteria in it. But do you think it is safe, especially the kind of rain we have these days? Boiling water does kill bacteria, but it is not sufficient in killing all the bacteria. Boiling water not only kills harmful bacteria but also destroys some crucial substances like minerals and good bacteria which are necessary for the human body. We drink water because it carries nutrients which are essential for our body which is destroyed by boiling them. So we can say, boiling is not a good option in the present situation.

Effects of drinking contaminated water

Safe drinking water is not a luxury but a necessity for each human being on the planet. There are several diseases which can be caused due to unhealthy drinking water like cholera, typhoid, guinea worm diseases, diarrhea, and many more. These diseases kill around 3.4 million people in the entire planet every year when it becomes fatal. If not appropriately cured, the rates will rise in the future.

What are water purifiers?

Water purifiers have become the latest trend these days. Because of the condition of drinking water these days, people are looking for solutions to consume safe drinking water, and water purifiers are playing a vital role in this. Water purifiers are a water cleaning system using different techniques which helps in removing bacteria from them and enhancing the power of minerals.

There are a lot of water purifiers available in the market, and each company promises something different by using different techniques. However, there are five best water treatment filters used in water purifying treatments which are described below:

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Purifiers

This is the most common technique these days. In this system, water has been filtered through the thinnest layer of filter called semipermeable membrane. This system pushed the water with high pressure through the filter (diaphragm), and all the harmful substances like arsenic, fluoride, lead, chloride, nitrate, and sulfate are removed and stick to the layer.  In this way, the natural mineral of the water remains alive, and the water is made safe for consumption.

Sediment Filtration

You can also call it a pre-filtration system. This is usually a plastic sealed container attached along with the RO and UV filters which removes substances like dust, rust, and dirt. And then the water is sent for the rest of the purification process. It helps in removing the more significant impurities which ease the rest process.

Ultraviolet filtration (UV)

In this system, a UV lamp is used to purify the water. When the water is passed through the UV lamp tube, the lamp glows a UV light that removes all the bacteria and harmful substances. Ultraviolet rays are the best solution for killing bacteria.

Ultrafiltration system (UF)

This process works on the same concept of the reverse osmosis process. The only difference is that the filter membrane used in this process attracts quite more significant particles than the semipermeable layer.

Activated Carbon process

Activated carbon works basically on the concept of absorbing principle. When water is passed through the activated carbon, it absorbs all the harmful substances on the surfaces. This process works best for removing chlorine, pesticides, and metal-based particles.

Which purifier to choose?

There is a lot of water purifying companies in the market these days. You can find purifiers for all budgets ranging from the lowest to the highest. When it comes to safe drinking water, always choose a purifier from a reliable company. It may get a little expensive, but it will provide the best services for sure. You are buying a purifier to get safe drinking water, so there is no point in being ignorant about the quality of the filter.

Each purifier company carries a certification and technological details, make sure to check them carefully at the time of buying. Buy only when it takes proper certifications and standards. One of the most preferred purifiers these days is Kent RO. For further details call on Kent customer care Number and ask your queries. You will get all the details there.






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