Biopsy – A medical test to analyze cancer or brain tumor

A Biopsy is a medical science word which is mostly used in the medical field to diagnosis diseases mostly concerns to cancers and brain tumors.

In common term Biopsy is a medical test in which cells or tissues are removed from the body for used in the examination. Biopsy is a combination of the two Greek words, Bio and Opsia which means life and see.

In medical term Biopsy means see the life by remove the tissue from a living object to test the existence of a disease. By using Biopsy test a surgeon analyze the existence of cancers in a person body.


Facts file of Biopsy

* Biopsy is a test which is used in the medical field.
* It’s a specialized test conducted by surgeon to find the disease.
* In Biopsy tissue are removed from the living objects for testing purpose.
* Biopsy is helpful to determine the presence or extent of a disease.
* In Biopsy two terms are important – One is microscope and other is pathologist.
* Biopsy is generally used for examination of diseases like Brain tumor and cancer.

Types of Biopsy
Generally there are three types of Biopsy can be find –

* Excision Biopsy
The procedure of removed the entire suspicious area is called Excision Biopsy.

* Incision Biopsy
This type of Biopsy is known as Core Biopsy. In this type of test only a sample of tissue is removed.

* Needle Aspiration Biopsy
In this type of Biopsy sample of tissue or fluid is removed with the help of needle.

Superbug – Side effects of Antibiotic

Causes of SuperBug
News & information about Superbug

With the help of advanced technology our daily life becomes much easier and luxurious compares to old days. But this modern day life style also originate some new types of diseases and bugs like Superbug. In simple term Superbug can be defined as an Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria which is generated due to the misuse of antibiotic.

Superbug is well known as multi resistant or super bacterium. Superbug is not a virus. Superbug is a strain of bacteria that is resistant to one or more antibiotics that would normally treat the bacteria.

In medical science term a bacteria carries several resistance genes is known as Superbug. Currently this type of Bacteria is found in the water of the metropolitan cities around the globe. Some effects of these Superbugs are pneumonia, urinary tract infections and skin infections.


Origins of SuperBug

Below given the some majors causes of Superbug –

* Excessive use of antibiotic
The misuse of the antibiotic is the main reason of the emergence of SuperBug or resistant bacteria.


* Misused of antibacterial products
Excess Used of antibacterial in households like soaps and other products.


* Misused by pharmaceutical manufacturing industry
Excess used of the antibiotics by the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.


News & information about Superbug

* It’s an Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria.
* SuberBug is also known by various names like NMD-1, antibiotic-resistant bacteria and multi-drug resistant bacteria.
* Currently there is no vaccines for this bacteria.
* This type of bug is generated due to the misuse of antibiotic.
* Precautions and hygiene is the only cure for this type of bacteria.
* This SuperBug can produce life threatening infections that would spread rapidly from person to person.