What is Spondylitis

Spondylitis is a condition which affects your spine. The person suffering from this condition goes through with pain, stiffness and inflammation on spine which starts from neck to lower back. In this condition the vertebrae in spine can fuse together.

suggested exercises to lessen back pain and other symptoms
What is Spondylitis

Treatment for Spondylitis

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory such as naproxen and indomethacin are most commonly used medications. These drugs helpinrelieving pain, stiffness and inflammation. Side effects of these medications are that it could cause gastrointestinal bleeding. There is no cure for spondylitis, but there are methods that could help relieve the symptoms.

However if the condition is mild there are few home remedies that can be used to relive the pain such as exercise, using heating pad or cold pack over the affected areas to get relief from pain. Usage of neck brace or a soft collar can also help to provide short term relief. But also need to ensure that neck brace or soft collar should not be worn for longer time as it could cause muscle weakness.

For people suffering from spondylitis should try the below suggested exercises to lessen back pain and other symptoms.

Use a Spondylitis Pillow(Orthopaedic Memory Foam)

The chemicals used to prepare the memory foam pillow are polyurethane and some other chemicals that help in relieving neck pain as well as Spondylitis. Shape of the pillow is very important so that there is no stress on the neck.

The chemicals used in the pillow does just that. It holds it into shape, and the polyurethane helps in reducing neck pain. It maintains the shape of the neck, hence the shape of the spinal chord is also maintained. Thus, using a spondylitis pillow can help in the treatment of spondylitis.

Warm soaks

Warm bath helps relieve pain and stiffness which is caused due to spondylitis. Alternate use of hot and cold compresses is also a natural way to get rid of pain. Soaking in hot tub not only provides relief from pain but also helps in good blood circulation.

People unable to perform exercise can use warm bath option which helps in good heart pumping and blood circulation. Studies have shown that after warm water soak therapy muscles and skeleton perform their function smoothly. Our ancestors have been using this therapy since a long time for joints and muscles pain. While performing this therapy need to ensure the water temperate to be between 92 to 100 degrees.

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation is a process in which electric current is passed through the skin. It resembles with acupuncture therapy. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation is used for pain that does not respond to exercise and stretches.


The above mentioned are the most effective way to get rid of spondylitis pain. But it is always good to consult the doctor before practising the above option because spondylitis treatment could differ from person to person depending on the area of pain. While performing exercise and yoga it is good to consult a specialist as every exercise has a different impact on body part.


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