Brain Tumor -A life threaten disease of brain

Parameters to defined the threat level of Brain Tumor
Types of Brain Tumor

Brain is the most important part in the human body. Its control the all functions of the body and coordinates the human body parts to each other. Brain Tumor is one of the most hazardous disease of the medical world which effect the most important element of our body brain.

In simple term Brain Tumor can be defined as the cancer of the brain. In medical term brain tumor is a group or bunch of abnormal cells which resides within the brain and effect the healthy brain tissue.

In general term brain tumor is well known as a dangerous and life killing disease due to its persistent nature in the limited space of the intra cellular cavity. According to most recent report of a medical agency today more than 1 million people in the United States of America are effected with this brain disease.


Types of Brain Tumor
By nature and characteristics Brain Tumor can be divided in the below given categories –

* Benign brain tumor
This type of Brain Tumor do not contain cancer cells. This type of Brain Tumor is not serious.

* Malignant brain tumor
They are generally more serious and often are life threatening.

* Primary Brain Tumor
Tumor that begin in brain tissue are known as primary tumor of the brain.

* Secondary Brain Tumor
Tumor that spread from brain to other parts of body is called secondary tumor.



How to defined the threat level of Brain Tumor

Brain Tumor threat level can be defined by the below given key parameters –

* Type of tumor

* Location of Tumor

* Size of Brain Tumor

* Life period of Brain Tumor

* Growth of Brain Tumor


Superbug – Side effects of Antibiotic

Causes of SuperBug
News & information about Superbug

With the help of advanced technology our daily life becomes much easier and luxurious compares to old days. But this modern day life style also originate some new types of diseases and bugs like Superbug. In simple term Superbug can be defined as an Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria which is generated due to the misuse of antibiotic.

Superbug is well known as multi resistant or super bacterium. Superbug is not a virus. Superbug is a strain of bacteria that is resistant to one or more antibiotics that would normally treat the bacteria.

In medical science term a bacteria carries several resistance genes is known as Superbug. Currently this type of Bacteria is found in the water of the metropolitan cities around the globe. Some effects of these Superbugs are pneumonia, urinary tract infections and skin infections.


Origins of SuperBug

Below given the some majors causes of Superbug –

* Excessive use of antibiotic
The misuse of the antibiotic is the main reason of the emergence of SuperBug or resistant bacteria.


* Misused of antibacterial products
Excess Used of antibacterial in households like soaps and other products.


* Misused by pharmaceutical manufacturing industry
Excess used of the antibiotics by the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.


News & information about Superbug

* It’s an Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria.
* SuberBug is also known by various names like NMD-1, antibiotic-resistant bacteria and multi-drug resistant bacteria.
* Currently there is no vaccines for this bacteria.
* This type of bug is generated due to the misuse of antibiotic.
* Precautions and hygiene is the only cure for this type of bacteria.
* This SuperBug can produce life threatening infections that would spread rapidly from person to person.

The Lime Crime Brand Expansion Into The UK

Lime Crime, the leading makeup brand known for its effervescent, colorful, certified cruelty free vegan products announced that it had been acquired by Tengram Capital Partners, a leading private equity firm that focuses its attention on securing the acquisition of retail and branded consumer companies. They appointed a Chief Executive Officer called Stacy Panagakis who was the former General Manager of Fresh. And in her statement offered to the media, she announced that the brand will expand to other innovative products over the coming couple of years as the market is abundant for the Lime Crime brand.



Founded in 2008, the makeup range, a digitally native beauty brand, held impressive sales records which soared from its original launch and quickly became a bestseller among a youthful market. Boasting an array of colorful, rainbow hair extensions and makeup, this highly esteemed, digital and pioneering cosmetics firm continued to excite fashion forward beauty buffs, bloggers and influencers. For a considerable amount of years, the cosmetic range set beauty trends that took the industry by storm. And its unadulterated, unabashed makeup encouraged customers to experiment, explore and unleash their own self-expression.



Their most popular products are the Unicorn Lipsticks. A superb range that come in a rainbow assortment of colors, the Velvetines, which are ultra matte liquid lip range and the Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers which offers a glittery experience.



The cosmetic makeup assortment can be bought in stores across the US in Bloomingdales, Riley Rose and, ASOS, Revolve, Glowhaus and Urban Outfitters. And more recently it has made it across to the United Kingdom and as from July 2018 Lime Crime is available at in the Selfridges stores and online. Cult Beauty in the UK is also offering this great makeup range online.



Since entering the market in the UK, amidst the excitement of a lot of consumers and beauty influencers, bloggers and experts, the brand has flown of the shelves. Previously the UK could only order online but the shipping proved to be expensive.



Stacy Panagakis reports that the cosmetic brand is very much a millennial brand. A lot of the younger people are taking very big interest because the brand is fun, engaging and offers a cruelty-free, vegan product that is in accordance with their belief systems. Cruelty-free and vegan makeup products are on the rise and while their brand has forged such a unique position in the market, it is expected that it can expand its range of products to accommodate even more consumers and fans.



Now the effervescent brand has hit the shores of the UK and are selling in very exclusive retail stores, it is expected that it will become another hit for the pioneering brand.



Richard Gersten, a Partner at Tengram Capital Partners declares that LC is fundamentally unique among top selling beauty brands and that it has a powerful following and a deep understanding of its consumers and their expressive, vibrant approach to cosmetics. He reports that the brand has done well over the last 10 years and is a revolutionary cosmetic range that pushes past traditional boundaries and empowers people to explore the fun, exhilarating parts of their natures. He recognized that in the era of beauty proliferation, the cosmetic ranges innovation and authenticity stood above the rest. And as a result was the perfect brand to acquire and work with.



Their mission is to offer the unique, magical cosmetic range to more consumers and as mentioned in a previous statement from Stacy Paganakis, their unique relationship with their customers have already defined how they would like the product range to be delivered. And offering the makeup in store and online across the world is their intention.