How Online Hypnotherapy Works

Modern technology and video conferencing solutions like Zoom offer a world of opportunity to coaches, therapists and their clients. I now see nearly all of my clients online and I find it is even more effective than in person hypnotherapy sessions, clients can feel more relaxed in an environment they are familiar with and more easily fit the therapy sessions in around their day. 

Why Should You Have A Therapy Session Why Not Just Listen to A Recording?
                   Online Hypnotherapy

Why Should You Have A Therapy Session Why Not Just Listen to A Recording?

This is a question I get asked quite often and one common objection I hear from potential clients when I suggest an online session is that it will be like listening to a recording, this is not at all the case because the traditional hypnosis section is just a small part of the actual session. 


When you have a session with me online we will have a long chat before the part that most people would consider to be hypnosis actually begins, the truth is I am using conversational hypnosis and NLP techniques from the moment we meet. The fact finding chat enables me to tailor the session for the client and lay the foundations for the client to experience the changes they want. 


So How Does Online Hypnotherapy Work?

First clients need to book their session, clients can order hypnotherapy sessions from me online via my website, or they can contact me via my contact page or phone. 


The Video Conferencing Software

Once payment is received and a time has been scheduled I send clients a Zoom link. Zoom is a video conferencing platform similar to Skype but I believe it to be more stable and offer better encryption, the encrypted connection and being in their own home means clients can be sure of confidentiality and that their privacy is protected. 


Zoom works on all modern SmartPhones, tablets and laptop computers. Clients should sit somewhere that they are comfortable, where I can see their face upper body and where they won’t be disturbed. Their phone or device should be set to do not disturb. 


The Pre-Talk

As mentioned above the pre-talk is a very important part of the therapeutic process, it enables me to tailor the therapy session towards the client and lay the groundwork for positive change to occur. 


The Hypnosis Part

Hypnosis is a perfectly safe, natural state that we all experience several times during the course of a day, some people believe we are always drifting from one trance state to another. A focused state of attention is one form of trance for example, have you ever driven somewhere then arrived at your destination and not remembered the journey or been playing a sport so intensely that you didn’t notice a small cut or injury? Hypnosis is not sleep but it is usually a deeply relaxing state. 


Is The Connection Stable?

I have performed hundreds of therapy and coaching sessions online and to date I have only lost the connection once. It is unlikely that we will get disconnected but if it should happen the client will just wake up as though they have been asleep and be able to reconnect so we can continue the session.


What Does Hypnosis Feel Like?


The feelings experienced in hypnosis vary from person to person but generally it is a very relaxing experience. We are looking to access the theta brainwave state this is a hyperlearning state. Research has shown that a child’s brain is in the theta state until the age of seven. This is known as the imprint period when we learned the most and gained most of our self image. By accessing this state we can change habits, increase confidence, remove fears, phobias and much more. 


Theta brainwaves also occur in the R.E.M sleep cycle. This is where dreams occur and so it is easy to visualise ourselves the way we want to be doing the things we want to do, to keep us safe and stop us sleepwalking our body tends to go to sleep when we enter the theta state, or arms and legs become very heavy this is known as catalepsy.

Visualisation is a very effective way to create change in a person, our minds cannot distinguish between what is real and fiction so by seeing ourselves as more confident or successful we start to behave that way and the change we want can occur.

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