Best Sleeping Postures For Your Health

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Best Sleeping Postures

Most of the times, we end up sleeping in a position that gives us comfort. Nevertheless, often these if they are not correct in the correct position then you might have to face the consequences of the injuries and pain. Hence, it is very essential to understand the best sleeping positions for your health care.

Generally, sleeping at your back is an ideal position. But, in this article, we have mentioned down best sleeping postures that improve your health. To know more about it keep reading the article!

1. Sleeping At Your Back With Arms on Side

One of the best postures to sleep is at your back with arms on the side. It is a perfect position to sleep as it keeps your spine and neck in an appropriate position. In fact, it prevents you from using too many pillows. A single memory foam pillow is enough to give you wonderful and deep sleep.

2. Fetal Position

The second most popular sleeping position is the Fetal Position. It offers you a load of benefits. It is a great position for pregnant women and helps in relieving lower back pain. The best part of the Fetal position is that it reduces the snoring.

One important point to remember while sleeping in this position your body must be relatively loose, else you shall have a limit in the breathing.

Besides, if you have problems in stiffness in the joints, avoid sleeping in the fetal position might leave in the sore.

3. Face Down

The best part about sleeping on the face is that it improves the digestion. Moreover, it gives you comfort. But the most important thing to remember while sleeping face down is to maintain your breathing. Also, try to put less strain on the neck.

If you sleep properly then there will not be any back pain.

4. Sleeping on The Side

Sleeping on the side is an ideal position as it can help you in reducing the snoring. What’s best is if you sit on the left side it helps in reducing the digestion and the heartburn.

While it is highly recommended for you to sleep on the left side, when you sleep in the wrong position chances are you will have stiffness in the shoulders and jaw tightness. It can also result in wrinkles.

If you prefer sleeping on the side, ensure you invest in the good memory foam pillow to prevent the neck and back pain.

5. On Your Side With Arms Out

This position has certain benefits as sleeping on your side with arms out. The spine is supported in the best natural curve. When you sleep on the side with the arms out then it also helps you in reducing the risk of back pain and neck pain. It also decreases the risk of sleep apnoea.

6. Sleeping on The Right side

If you are heavy sleeper then it might happen you will shift around and end up sleeping on the right side. Sleeping on the right can result in the heartburn and leave a strain on the organs. For pregnant women, doctors often highly suggest going for the left side sleeping as it increases the blood circulation to the foetus.

7. Pillow-Supplemented

Regardless of the position you prefer to sleep, we highly recommend you to have a soft pillow between the knees. For the people who sleep on the back can put a pillow under the arch of the spine. Stomach sleepers can have the pillow right under their hip that helps in giving support to the joints and gives pain-free relaxation throughout the sleep.



Most of the people struggle in sleeping at nighttime. When you do not get an adequate amount of sleep, it often affects your health. Hence, one must make efforts in improving the sleep. Even though sleep deprivation is about getting enough sleep, the crucial part is to have sleeping quality.

In the above-written article, we have jotted down the best sleeping positions and postures for your health. Practice them and also avoid the excess caffeine, exercise and maintain the schedule that will give you a peaceful sleep. If you like the article, then please do share, and drop your thoughts in the comment sections.

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