How A Tantric Massage Session Is Developed

The slow cadence of each movement made in the massage can be very sensual, enhancing our sensory part. The haptic sense is enhanced. It provides a sense of peace, regularizes the heart rate and manages to reduce blood pressure and the circulation is stimulated by oxygenating the blood, the circulation of lymphatic tissue is stimulated, which allows us to eliminate waste products. During tantric massage the body releases endorphins naturally, which provides a feeling of well-being and pain relief.

It achieves a relief of stress, reduce chemical substances associated with stress such as noradrenaline and cortisol. is one of the best place to experience tantric massage.


How A Tantric Massage Session Is Developed


The person or the couple usually talks to the masseuse who explains what the massage is. The masseuse will teach you simple physical techniques about breathing and about your own sensations. The use of certain muscles. The purpose of all this is to achieve a greater sense of pleasure.


The massage can be done leaving naked body parts that the masseur works in such a way that the person is leaving his own sensations. The duration can be from 1 hour to two hours.


Although tantric massage is related to erotic massage, in reality the concept of tantric is directed towards well-being. That sexuality is enhanced by these caresses is a consequence, however sexual satisfaction is not the goal of tantric massage . This massage allows the client’s mind to free itself from its ties, from its monotony and to enjoy a sensory experience.




Among the types of erotic massages or tantric massages that exist today are mixed with other techniques that are adapted to the type of person and what you need. The reality is that each masseuse will define the type of massage technique that should be given. In many cases the techniques are mixed so that the tantric massage is much more pleasant.

Kneading: This type of tantric massage technique is used in areas where there are muscles such as hips, buttocks or thighs. For this, what is done is that it gets up, tightens the skin and rolls to be able to knead it with the thumb and fingers of the rest of the hand causing the skin to pass from one side to the other with the other hand. If the effect you want to give is a slightly more relaxed effect because it can be a bit annoying at times, the movement should be done slowly so that the person does not suffer. Later you can move forward in speed.


Wavy massages: In this type of technique what must be done is to close the hand so that it is shaped like a fist and keep half of the fingers causing it to press the skin. From there small circular movements are made. This type of tantric massage technique is very good for some areas such as the feet or breasts as well as the shoulders and palms of the hand.

Suction cup: It is a slightly stronger technique in which there are soft strokes on the body of the person altering the hands. These movements should be done quickly and lightly and thus stimulate the skin little by little to hydrate it with the oils that are held in the hand.


Small strokes : For the technique of tantric massage should be used in more muscular areas. For this, the fist is closed and small strokes are given with a lot of energy on the skin, alternating both the front and back sides of the fist. This technique is recommended to be the last of the massage because it is what allows the person to be more relaxed and excited at the same time to later move to another type of activity if desired.


Techniques of Tantric Massage
Tantric Massage

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