Fighting Cancer with Nutrition and Diet

The fight against cancer requires more than just taking medications as recommended by a doctor. Cancer treatments are hard on the body and often result in fatigue, pain, discomfort and a general lack of energy. Quality of life often decreases as a result of medicine side effects or the medication side effects. However, healthy diet planning, exercise and other elements can improve one’s quality of life before, during, and after fighting cancer and going through treatment. Nutrition and diet play a key role in cancer treatment.

According to the American Cancer Society, cancer or the treatments for cancer can change the nutrient needs of the body. As a result, it is important to carefully plan a diet around foods that are high in needed nutrition during the treatment.

Treatment of cancer with healthy diet

The American Cancer Society suggests eating at least five fruit and vegetable servings per day. Furthermore, diets should have a high level of whole-grain and lean protein sources that should exclude red and processed meats.

A vegetarian diet is one of the best solutions to eating healthy during cancer treatment because it is high in whole-grains, plant-based protein sources, and fresh fruits and vegetables. The American Cancer Society points out that different types of vegetarians eat various types of foods.

Diets can range from those that do not include any animal products like vegan diets to diets that allow dairy products, but do not include any meat or fish. The goal of healthy eating during cancer treatments is to get a high level of nutrition, which is easily accomplished in most vegetarian diets due to the high content of fruits and vegetables.

Planning a healthy diet during cancer treatment requires adding more fresh and whole foods that are high in nutrients and fiber. A vegetarian diet is a slightly easier way to accomplish the goal of eating a well-balanced diet.

When planning a diet before, during or after cancer treatments, it is vital to include a doctor in the process. Cancer and cancer treatments can result in changes to the way nutrients are absorbed by the body. As a result, a doctor will need to get involved in dietary planning to ensure the body is getting enough nutrition.

Talking to a doctor about the potential risks to nutrient absorption and changes that are necessary to help maintain strength during treatment will make diet planning a little simpler. In some cases, it might be necessary to take supplements when the body is unable to absorb nutrition.

A healthy diet that considers nutrition needs will help maintain strength, fight off infections and improve quality of life during treatments. A vegetarian diet helps accomplish the goal of eating properly and makes it easier to maintain strength while fighting cancer.

Cancer is hard to fight, but with proper diet and treatment it is possible to become a survivor. Vegetarian diets are shown to reduce the risk of cancer and help during cancer treatments to maintain the strength to keep fighting.

Conjunctivitis – allergy or infection of the eye

What is Conjunctivitis
In medical term Conjunctivitis is an infection disease type which attacks the conjunctiva of the eye that’s why it’s called conjunctivitis. In simple term Conjunctivitis can be defined as allergy or infection of the eye. The other name or popular name of Conjunctivitis is Pink eye or Madras eye.


How to avoid Conjunctivitis
Below given steps can be used to avoid this infection disease –

* Don’t rub the eye

* Don’t touch the eye

* Avoid direct contact with infected person.

* Wash hands regularly

* Don’t use towels or washcloths of infected person.

* Avoid reuse handkerchiefs

* Don’t shake hands

* Regularly use simple eye drops or Rose water.

* Avoid swimming in public place.

* For protection use sun glasses

Malaria – Mosquito originated Blood Disease

Malaria is one of the most common disease in the medical field which can be found in most parts of the world. In simple term Malaria is a disease caused by the bite of mosquito. This disease mostly affects the humans in the monsoon season. It is a mosquito-borne infectious disease which infects red blood cells in the human body.


Malaria one of the deadly disease is commonly found in all over the world but major target areas are South America, Asian Sub continental and Africa. According to WHO reports in the year of 2017 there are approximately 500 million malaria cases are found in which three million people are killed. This mosquito borne disease is transmitted to humans when an infected Anopheles mosquito bites a person and injects the malaria parasites into the blood.



Malaria Disease Type
Blood Disease


Origin of Malaria
From Mosquito


Fact file and Info on Malaria

    • * Malaria was first identified in 1880 as a disease caused by parasitic infection.

* The name of the disease comes from the Italian word mal’aria, meaning “bad air”.

* Malaria is transmitted to humans through bites by infected mosquitoes.

* The most common time for these mosquitoes to be active is between dusk and dawn.

* According to the reports in the year of 2017 there are approximately 500 million malaria cases are found in which three million people are killed.

* Malaria occurs mostly in poor, tropical and subtropical areas of the world like South America, South Asia and Indian sub continental.

* Malaria was eliminated from the USA in the early 1950s.

* Till this time no Malaria vaccine is available.