Biopsy – A medical test to analyze cancer or brain tumor

A Biopsy is a medical science word which is mostly used in the medical field to diagnosis diseases mostly concerns to cancers and brain tumors.

In common term Biopsy is a medical test in which cells or tissues are removed from the body for used in the examination. Biopsy is a combination of the two Greek words, Bio and Opsia which means life and see.

In medical term Biopsy means see the life by remove the tissue from a living object to test the existence of a disease. By using Biopsy test a surgeon analyze the existence of cancers in a person body.


Facts file of Biopsy

* Biopsy is a test which is used in the medical field.
* It’s a specialized test conducted by surgeon to find the disease.
* In Biopsy tissue are removed from the living objects for testing purpose.
* Biopsy is helpful to determine the presence or extent of a disease.
* In Biopsy two terms are important – One is microscope and other is pathologist.
* Biopsy is generally used for examination of diseases like Brain tumor and cancer.

Types of Biopsy
Generally there are three types of Biopsy can be find –

* Excision Biopsy
The procedure of removed the entire suspicious area is called Excision Biopsy.

* Incision Biopsy
This type of Biopsy is known as Core Biopsy. In this type of test only a sample of tissue is removed.

* Needle Aspiration Biopsy
In this type of Biopsy sample of tissue or fluid is removed with the help of needle.

Brain Tumor -A life threaten disease of brain

Parameters to defined the threat level of Brain Tumor
Types of Brain Tumor

Brain is the most important part in the human body. Its control the all functions of the body and coordinates the human body parts to each other. Brain Tumor is one of the most hazardous disease of the medical world which effect the most important element of our body brain.

In simple term Brain Tumor can be defined as the cancer of the brain. In medical term brain tumor is a group or bunch of abnormal cells which resides within the brain and effect the healthy brain tissue.

In general term brain tumor is well known as a dangerous and life killing disease due to its persistent nature in the limited space of the intra cellular cavity. According to most recent report of a medical agency today more than 1 million people in the United States of America are effected with this brain disease.


Types of Brain Tumor
By nature and characteristics Brain Tumor can be divided in the below given categories –

* Benign brain tumor
This type of Brain Tumor do not contain cancer cells. This type of Brain Tumor is not serious.

* Malignant brain tumor
They are generally more serious and often are life threatening.

* Primary Brain Tumor
Tumor that begin in brain tissue are known as primary tumor of the brain.

* Secondary Brain Tumor
Tumor that spread from brain to other parts of body is called secondary tumor.



How to defined the threat level of Brain Tumor

Brain Tumor threat level can be defined by the below given key parameters –

* Type of tumor

* Location of Tumor

* Size of Brain Tumor

* Life period of Brain Tumor

* Growth of Brain Tumor