What are the benefits of herbal Tea?

Herbal tea and green juice for weight loss may be a trusty ally in your fight against fleshiness. If you’ve got tried many weight loss merchandise while not truly lose sizeable weight, tea for weight loss will undoubtedly assist you lose the surplus fat that has haunted you for years.

Obesity is doubtless the most important concern within the epoch wherever the mode of intense life doesn’t permit you sufficient time therefore you’ll pay hours doing toilsome exercises in a very athletic facility or running on roads solitary till your sore legs. Most folks will avoid the late night activity or social parties, and the resolutions we have a tendency to build concerning following a strict diet routine square measure broken every different night.

Herbal tea for weight loss
Herbal Tea

Ancient history of Herbal Tea

Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of medicine, describes eight types of body that are most vulnerable to disease , including an obese body is considered more prone to life-threatening and debilitating diseases such as diabetes , hypertension, coronary thrombosis , liver and kidney disorders, gout and arthritis, etc., that excess fat puts undue pressure on organs such as the heart, kidneys, liver and the joints such as hips, knees and ankles.

Ayurveda describes obesity as a disease of the body characterized by deposition or storage of excess fat in adipose tissue, and prescribed several herbs to get rid of this excess fat.  Similarly, the ancient Chinese also tried several plants and herbs to combat obesity. Green tea has been brewed the first time in China back in the third millennium BC and was used by the people of China and many other Asian countries to relieve their pain weight since time immemorial.


Herbal Tea for weight loss

Several brands of herbal tea for weight loss came in the last decades, which claim to be effective and without any harmful side effects. Ancient Ayurvedic Charak Samhita and scriptures as Shushruta samhita mentioned herbs like nagarmotha, Triphala, Baibidang, Tagar and Kali Mirchi etc. which have numerous excellent medicinal properties.

They are effective in the treatment of obesity and a number of other diseases also. For example Nagarmotha is considered the best ama – Pachaka or correction and dissolving endotoxins.


It has a lipolytic action to mobilize fat from adipose tissue , thus contributing to weight reduction. A product like tea Dr which is a mixture of these effective herbs and green tea can be very useful to shed excess fat. Several Chinese varieties also claim to be helpful in weight loss.

A brand like star anise improves digestion and disposes body fat, helping you lose extra fat. Some Chinese varieties, however, use strong laxatives can cause side effects such as diarrhea in the early and chronic constipation in the long term.

People suffering from chronic eating disorders or diseases such as hypothyroidism or anorexia nervosa should consult their doctor before using these varieties. Drink Herbal tea for weight loss is generally effective and has little or no harmful side effects. You can lose weight naturally and effectively using this product and lead a healthy and normal life.

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