Weight loss is not a rocket science

Have you ever given serious thought to why you have ups and downs when it comes to losing weight? When it comes to solving weight problems we have, I think in most cases people are trying to solve the problem before you understand the underlying cause. The result of trying to fix something without understanding why it happens is a temporary solution.

In my experience, it is extremely important to understand why we do what we do before we can change what we do. So if you ‘re struggling to lose weight and keep it off maybe it’s time to step back and understand what could be the reason for this? Could it be that you have a physical problem that is obtained in the excess calories that you take every day to stay or is it a mental or emotional barrier that you face? Stand on the challenge of losing weight as an emotional crutch?

Weight Control

One of the things I think we can all agree is that we are complex and often confusing individuals. Sometimes we can have very illogical reasons and at the same time. For example, if you ask for a repeat of their adulterous spouse, they will tell you they love and respect their husbands. Then, when you ask, they question why and how can you break their heart several times by having an affair, they look like a deer caught in the headlights.

Losing Weight

Unfortunately, the same thing happens when it comes to losing weight. On the same day, we can exercise in the morning and eat a healthy breakfast low in calories, but consume incredible amounts of fat and calories for lunch and dinner. The result at the end of the day is that we suffer any attempt, we presented the morning and essentially have denied our effort in the morning.

If you are doing what you it is a good idea to understand how to stop doing it . You need to understand why you do not have the will to go a whole day without giving in to your cravings. You see if you can find a way to eat well for a day, then you can eat well for two days and so on and so forth. If you do not stick to your weight goal, then this is something you should be able to achieve.

You will eat well for a day? You see your body and mind need to know that you are committed to the cause. If you continue to send mixed signals to your body and your mind, then maybe you stick to your weight goal. If not, then you should be able to consistently and deliberately lose weight and keep it off.

Sometimes it ‘s easy to make excuses for eating the wrong foods and eating at the wrong time. If my relationship stresses me I can justify poor diet . If my work is
stressful thin on my patience while I find it easy to please my inner eating. So how do you get out of this cycle of poor nutrition? Just break the pattern or habit.

I know you’re saying “I tried and it does not work or tell me something I do not know.”

Well, I heard that if you can do something to support 7 days, you have a good chance to continue to do so. The question is, can you change your routine for 7 days? Can you limit yourself to eat smaller portions and avoiding spontaneous eat according to your emotional state of being? I think you can, and when you do that, you will have the confidence and discipline you need to make it work.

You do not have to keep losing the battle with your weight on your body. You can let go and bring a little joy and peace of mind to your life. I am a firm believer that you are what you eat, but you are what you feel. If you feel healthy and happy with your diet and lifestyle will only get better.

I hope you are convinced that you can and will lose the weight you’ve been trying to get rid of. It is not a question of if, but when your weight is no longer an obstacle for you.


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