IVF – The miracle of medical science

Due to trendy life style, unhealthy feeding habits, hormones issues and genetic issues most of the women’s are unable to conceive properly in medical science world. In this scenario today medical technology IVF is proves miracle for the women who are facing problems to become mothers.

Complications In IVF Technique in medical science
How to define IVF technique

IVF is a short form of In Vitro Fertilization. In IVF patients eggs are removes from her ovaries and property spermatozoan fertilize them in outside the body. Because eggs are fertilizing in a tube this method is additionally referred to as Test Tube Baby technique. In case of other pregnancy techniques aren’t helpful than IVF is employed as the last resolution. IVF could be a helpful technique to resolve infertility problem of women.


In Which cases IVF is used?
This medical science technique is used given below cases –

* Blockage of Tube

* Less sperms in husband semen’s

* Unable to conceive

* Infertility problem


What is the Cost of IVF technique?
The estimate cost of using this technique is approx. $2,000.


What Cautions are taken in case of IVF
For the higher conversion rate following cautions are taken in IVF –

23-39 years are the best age to use this technique.

Smoking should be avoid for success of this medical technique.

* Avoid alcohol drinking


Drawbacks of IVF Technique
Below given comlications are common in this technique –

* High chances of more than one baby

* High Chances of less weight baby.

* Not 100% success rate.

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