How Can Meditation Help Weight Loss?

As surprising as it can be , meditation for weight loss – in particular, “mindful meditation”- is increasingly used by people wanting to control cravings and manage overeating. Mindful meditation can also be used to control the stress , thereby preventing ‘comfort eat’ cause this stress.

As we grow more aware we become more aware of our desires and we can learn to pay attention to the underlying emotions – ie we are able to make a more informed choice before reaching just that chocolate bar with naughty! If you practice mindful eating every day, and in time you will learn to enjoy your food more . You ‘ll also be able to better recognize when you’re full – which means that you will naturally begin to consume fewer calories.

The constant practice of mindfulness meditation has also been shown to lower cortisol, the stress hormone . This is great news, because high levels of cortisol can cause pre-diabetes and central obesity (which is associated with heart disease). In addition, cortisol begins a cascade in the brain which can lead to increased appetite and cravings great, too.

What is being aware ?

During conscious meditation “your goal is to constantly stay” conscious” or “consciousness. “When thoughts creep into your mind, you can first recognize them, and secondly, simply “let go”. When you practice mindfulness meditation for weight loss, a lot of ‘junk’ and mental clutter is bound to come. This includes images and cravings for food where they exist negative body. The good news is, the more you practice meditation techniques, it becomes easy to put these thoughts and emotions that accompany rapidly and directly into your ” mental recycling bin.” In addition, eating “conscious” – that is the process of eating slowly and silently while focusing on the food during your meal times – can help you become more in tune with the natural signals your body and you become better able to stop eating before you are stuffed full.

Meditation for Weight Loss – Tips for Mindful Eating


1. Do not multi-task

Experts say that our biggest enemy in weight control is multi-tasking. Have a thought…when was the last time you ate your meal in peace and quiet, without flipping your phone, tapping away on your computer or chatting with coworkers? When you practice mindful meditation for weight loss , it is important to focus on the food and the food alone. Why? A recent study published in the journal” Psychological Science” found that people who watched TV during dinner were more likely to overeat because they found the food bland.

2. Do not accelerate Eating

According to a survey conducted by a group called ” The conscious foods” the average person swallows all their food for the day-ie a value of ” three meals – a total of only 23 minutes. Eating too fast has been linked to weight gain , as well as serious diseases such as type 2 diabetes. Try not to eat as if you’re in a race. Contemplate and savor every bite of each meal – make sure you really enjoy! Ideally you should spend at least 20 minutes at each meal.

3. Consider your environment

When you practice meditation for weight loss, avoid lights and fast-paced music, because it can make you eat faster and therefore consume more calories. You should also eat a smaller plate, encourage the mind to be satisfied with a smaller portion. Consider putting your knife and fork down between bites.

4. Try 5 breaths

It is very important to set the scene before you begin eating. Take five deep breaths before a meal relaxes the body and clears the emotional palate. You can also try this halfway through a meal.

5. Stop often and development

When you practice meditation for weight loss, you need to focus solely on the food you eat during meals. Buddhist monk and author Thich Nhat Hanh describes eating “aware” of a tangerine in his book “The Miracle of Mindfulness. Before you reach for the next segment, he said you need to stop and focus on the piece already in your mouth, really enjoy and relish it. When you eat an apple, he advises you to stop smiling at it and enjoy it before taking the first bite!

So there you have 5 tips to help you start your journey of weight loss through meditation ‘ aware’.

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