Conjunctivitis – allergy or infection of the eye

What is Conjunctivitis
In medical term Conjunctivitis is an infection disease type which attacks the conjunctiva of the eye that’s why it’s called conjunctivitis. In simple term this eye disease can be defined as allergy or infection of the eye. The other name or popular name is Pink eye or Madras eye.

How to avoid Pink Eye
Below given steps can be used to avoid this infection disease –

* Don’t rub the eye

* Don’t touch the eye

* Avoid direct contact with infected person.

* Wash hands regularly

* Don’t use towels or washcloths of infected person.

* Avoid reuse handkerchiefs

* Don’t shake hands

* Regularly use simple eye drops or Rose water.

* Avoid swimming in public place.

* For protection use sun glasses

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